Finding the right location for shooting

IMAL PRODUCTION during its ten years of existence has traveled all the southern region of the kingdom of Morocco and has a database of images and video of extraordinary film sets that will surely satisfy your imagination. Our team will make sure that the concepts you imagine becomes a reality.

Hire Professionals

We believe that a successful film crew should be homogeneous, professional and communication is a key to collaborate with international productions. Our expertise in the field allows us to have a broad list of profiles and talents with a rich experience in great international films.

Permits to film

For your shoots in Morocco, IMAL Production ensures the acquisition of the necessary authorizations in a short period of time and in all the regions of the kingdom. Our public relations in addition to our Knowledge of the laws allow us to facilitate the procedures for authorizations acquisition.

Production management

IMAL PRODUCTION provides its customers with all the logistical, technical and human resources necessary for the success of their film projects. Whether it is logistics, technical support or human resources our company ensures your shootings to take place in the best possible conditions.

Other Services

Forms of transportation




Cast and stunt


If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.